Friday, February 15, 2013

More doodles

These days doodling on my old eMac seems to take most of my free time.  

Wool Illustration Friday

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

England Forest

I have never been to England and not too familiar with the ecology of England forest so when I had to draw a forest in England, I had to rely purely on my imagination and drew this. I hope my illustration isn't too far from the reality of England trees.


Do you remember the moment you stopped believing in Santa Claus?  I never believed in Santa Claus since my family couldn't really afford nice Christmas gifts for all my siblings so we were forced to be more realistic than most children.  Instead of believing in Santa, I always thought how much of a weirdo Santa would be if he really existed and was really like the descriptions of Christmas myths.  What a self-righteous snob he would be to judge everyone based on his own criteria?  Anyway, so for this week's topic, "myth" I tried to draw evil Santa.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Day in NYC

Last winter, I don't remember getting much snow in NYC and so far this winter hasn't even been giving us very little snow.  I miss going to work at 4 AM when the streets are covered with snow.  I decided to do couple of illustrations trying to capture different magic of snowy day.  

Smoke Out

Just some young men being in the clouds

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tablet Practice

After an intensive evaluation and research, I came to a conclusion that I am not purchasing any computers at least until January when I might have to commute to a job site with my computer.  Initially I was tempted by Windows 8 Touch Screen ultra books but none of them really seem to strike me as a favorite.  And I don't know if I should get any Windows OS at least before first SP..  Mac Book is really awesome and I can run PC programs on it so I could probably use it at client site in January as well but after everything the price is more than I can afford.  SO I decided not to purchase any computers for now.  Instead I tried to get familiar with my old tablet. At first, I had a hard time and it was frustrating but I think I am starting to get a bit better now.  This is what I drew on my tablet for the first time after 4 hours of practice.  

Illustration Friday - Whiskers

Sunday, December 25, 2011

iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy 2?

I don’t understand.  All the other smart phone makers are rushing to get newest technology packed into their new models every few months but Apple still comes out with iPhone 4S with only 3G network.  I have been planning to upgrade to new model of iPhone since the beginning of the year.  I knew Apple usually introduces their new models in September or October so I was going to treat myself to a new phone for Christmas. I didn’t expect that Apple would come out with still 3G network phone when everyone else already has few models of 4G phones in the market. 

So my dilemma is, what do I do?  Do I still get iPhone 4S and bear with the slower Internet connection speed or do I get a 4G phone and miss out on chic’n easy iPhone?  What do I do?  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Madness

This winter has been the coldest winter in recent years in New York City. It is only January and there are still two more months of possible cold weather before it gets warmer in spring. More than ever, I feel the need for a vacation to warm weather but I can't afford to take a vacation right now. I decided to escape my mind to my last vacation in Cape Cod as I sketched the boat docks from my memory.