Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Madness

This winter has been the coldest winter in recent years in New York City. It is only January and there are still two more months of possible cold weather before it gets warmer in spring. More than ever, I feel the need for a vacation to warm weather but I can't afford to take a vacation right now. I decided to escape my mind to my last vacation in Cape Cod as I sketched the boat docks from my memory.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love doodling on my iPhone

New iPhone Craze

After struggling with my old windows smart phone, I inherited my brother's old iPhone 3G. I just inserted my SIM card and went to AT&T store to reset my data plan for iPhone and now I am a proud owner of iPhone. Ever since then, I have been addicted to it. Everyday after work, I come home and play with my phone. No matter how much stuff I have installed on my phone, there always seem to be new and exciting things to do with my phone. Today I am playing with blog posting with my phone and spent good amount of time. My stomach is growling but I just can't seem to tear myself away from this. So I decided to post this little note and end playing with it for the night.

BTW, for those iPhone owners, I recommend Talking Tom and Pucca Pop. They are cute and funny... and free. =)

Midnight Madness

Not in an attempt to humor myself with comparison to Cynderella or anything fairy tales, but due to my silly life playing a little joke on me with my strange schedule, every midnight becomes a significant turning point in my night. My beauty is known to be comparable to sleeping beauty while I am catching my happy dreams however if I was suddenly awaken from my deep sleep, unlike the sleeping beauty, I would turn into a beast myself and destroy that prince charming in a snap. This horrifying situation can be avoided as long as I get my minimum of 6 hours of sleep. Due to unfortunate circumstance, my alarm clock screams out cheerful dance tune at 6 AM. With less than 6 hours of beauty sleep, this cheerful tune can turn into someone's funeral song. So I try to avoid this situation by going to bed by midnight.

After dinner and movie with friends, I have to schedule my travel time and preparation for bed so I can start wandering into the dream land by midnight. Usually I am very good at avoiding the distractions of the world and fall asleep the second I lay down. However, in the past few months, I have been struggling with this precious gift of sleep. Often I will be tossing and turning till 2 or 3 or waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares. There were few times I was unsuccessful at sleeping all night long.

Hence, my midnight madness started. Every night as the night approaches it's darkest hour, I form a forecast of the night. If there seems to be signs of hindrances, I take any measures to avoid or resolve it before the time comes. Modern medications, herbal medications, some home remedies, meditation, exercise, boring books and combinations of some. So far none of them seem to have the ultimate power over my failure of sufficient sleep.

If any of you have any idea how to fall asleep quickly at night, please feel free to drop me a line and end my Midnight Madness.

PS... If my neighbor who has watching me doing cartwheels, handstand, and various twisting at midnte through my window, please understand I am not insane. I am a human being just like yourself. Just need to get good 6 hours of beauty sleep every night. So stop looking at me funny..... =)

Wish me good nite.... xoxoxo

Originally Posted on August 2001

Political Madness

Since when our war heroes need to be questioned of their honor? How could any soldier who experienced such a horror of fighting in Vietnam turn around and say to the next soldier that his service wasn't honorable? I do not understand the mind of these people. I guess the trauma of Vietnam has affected their brains very severely. I never served in the military and I never fought in a war before. It must be so tragic to experience fighting in a war. To me, every one of the soldiers who fight in a war for my country are war hero, medal or no medal. I will never question how brave they were. What kind of accomplishment he made in the war. Risking one's life for the sake of our belief, that's my hero. This is just a political madness.

Republican National Convention has finally kicked off today in my city, New York City. The whole city seems so empty and quite except the participants of the converntion and the protesters. The media has been trying to cover this as the biggest NYC vacation week and try to blame the slow business to this vacation week. Hmmm..... I lived in NYC for 7 years. Since when NYers took the last weekend of August as our big vacation week? If my memory serves me correctly, this is the end of our vacation season and NYC starts to get filled up again. The tourists have long stopped to come into NYC and the businesses are losing so much money in the city now. To top it off, the city is spending 1.5 millions in security for this convention out of our own pocket. This is the city that receives $11 per person as a homeland security budget. Why do we have to stop our businesses, close our doors to the tourists, lose our tax dollars and welcome these people who gave so little concern about our security? This is just plain madness.

There have been tens of thousdand people marching in protest. So many people from various background have been marching. So many things were said and so many things were written on the signs and so much strong messages were communicated by music or silence. All these messages clearly indicate that our country is on the wrong track right now. We need to change. Not many has answers to which way to go. But many knows that current way is the wrong way. In spite of so many people protesting, in spite of such a clear messages communicated by the protesters, in spite of all the facts that proves our wrong directions, so many still want to continue our journey the same way. Why? When we make a wrong turn, we don't keep on going till we face the dead end. This is madness.

Lastly, one should not speak of politics after one's bedtime. It tends to get lengthy and wordy. This is just a political madness. =)

Originally Posted in October 2004