Sunday, December 25, 2011

iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy 2?

I don’t understand.  All the other smart phone makers are rushing to get newest technology packed into their new models every few months but Apple still comes out with iPhone 4S with only 3G network.  I have been planning to upgrade to new model of iPhone since the beginning of the year.  I knew Apple usually introduces their new models in September or October so I was going to treat myself to a new phone for Christmas. I didn’t expect that Apple would come out with still 3G network phone when everyone else already has few models of 4G phones in the market. 

So my dilemma is, what do I do?  Do I still get iPhone 4S and bear with the slower Internet connection speed or do I get a 4G phone and miss out on chic’n easy iPhone?  What do I do?  

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Sell Used Cell Phones said...

If you prefer with the fast internet connection then go with Samsung Galaxy 2 (it's a pretty looking phone still).